OpenServo is an open community-based project with the goal of creating a high quality digital servo for robotics.

Some of the many features of the OpenServo include:
  • High performance AVR 8-bit microcontroller
  • Compact H-Bridge with high performance MOSFETs
  • Precision control over servo position and speed
  • I2C/TWI based interface for control and feedback
  • Feedback of position, speed, voltage and power
  • Advanced curve based motion profile support
  • EEPROM storage of servo configuration information
  • Software written in C using free development tools
  • I2C/TWI bootloader and GUI programmer

OpenServo and Related hardware available to buy
OpenServo V3 Open Source InterFace SparkFun OpenServo v2
The latest hardware incarnation for the OpenServo project. A USB to I2C interface designed especially for OpenServo A commercial stepper motor module based on the OpenServo code

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