API Guide

This is a short introduction of the OpenServo API functions. This is an explanation of how to interface with the OpenServo's various functions and registers.

For a one page overview of the OpenServo register definition see the TWI protocol page

Set Servo parameters

The linked pages below show how to communicate with your OpenServo in order to set some of it's many functions

Set Position

Set the position of the servo

Set the servo address

Configure the device address of the servo on the TWI/I2C bus

Configure PID

Configure the servo response parameters

Servo specific configuration

Configure servo max and min positions, as well as deadband and reverse seek

Servo commands

Send a command to the OpenServo to stop, start or reset

Motion Profiles

Program the OpenServo to follow complex hermite curves

R/C PWM Motion

Run your OpenServo from an R/C controller

Get Servo parameters

These pages give information on how to get some of the servo state information out of the OpenServo

You can also read any of the registers defined above.

Get Position

Get the current position of the servo

Get Speed

Get the current velocity of the servo

Get Current

Get the current reading from the servo

Get Voltage

Request a voltage reading from the servo

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