OpenServo Applications

The OpenServo is still very new and under development, but below are some examples of the OpenServo in use by early adopters for robotic applications.

Andy Lippitt's Hexapod


Andy was the first person to reproduce the original version of the OpenServo. He is using the OpenServo to give more sophisticated control to his hexapod robot than is available in standard RC servos. A nice video of some of Andy's early experiments using the feedback from the OpenServo to program the leg motion of his robot can be found here.

It should also be mentioned that Andy previously donated the server space and know-how to run the OpenServo web site.

Barry Carter's Robot Arm II

Barry's ambition is to build the perfect robot arm. For his latest version Robot Arm II Barry has chosen to use the OpenServo hardware and software to drive both the smaller motors controlling the end effectors as well as OpenServo derived circuitry using higher-powered MOSFETs to drive more power motors at the shoulder and elbow of the arm. A video of the Robot Arm II can be found here.


An extremely early rough prototype of a "delta" parallel-manipulator RepRap was built out of analog servos controlled by an Arduino. Since both the Arduino and the OpenServo use Atmel AVR as the CPU, and all three of the RepRap, the Arduino, and Open Servo are open-source projects, perhaps we can collaborate and learn from each other. Perhaps someday a finished RepRap will be built out of Open Servos, with all the microcontrollers and motor driver electronics hidden inside the servos.

More To Come

Hopefully as the OpenServo evolves many more cool projects will be found here in the future.

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