OpenServo Features

The OpenServo has a rich feature set enabling you to finely control the movement of a servo.

TWI/I2C Protocol

A standard and establised protocol to communicate with OpenServo

Configurable position

Set and forget position

High resolution position

10 bit position for high resolution control

Readable servo parameters

including, current position, speed, voltage and current

Configuration of servo

Optimise your servo with PID and motor control

Curve following

Send complex curves and trapeziod controls to the servo for advanced path following

RC PWM input

Control the OpenServo from a standard R/C pack, and still access I2C configuration

You can read a lot of information from an OpenServo, here are some live graphs captured from a Moving servo.

A short movement



Movement over a few position cycles



The OpenServo allow for fine control over the servo, including following curves. You can see the image below for a better idea of how the servo curve following functions work. HermiteSimulator.jpg

The X axis is the duration of the servo movement in ms, and the Y axis is the servo position.

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