openservo using a pic and the mighty futaba s3306 ;o)

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openservo using a pic and the mighty futaba s3306 ;o)

Post by barryfzr » Mon Jul 27, 2009 11:59 pm

Hi Collin,Barry and all :)

We're building a boat to compete in the Microtransat challenge ( and have decided that we need more control over our servos.

I'm coming back to the electronics/programming after a really long break and have managed to get to grips with Pic microcontrollers.

Could anyone help me chose the correct Mosfets for the mighty Futaba s3306? The stall current I believe is upto 4A... and any Pic schematics/advice allways appritiated :D

I've also knocked up a facebook group for our Moop boats.. ... 0062036719

Please come and take a peak / join / comment / compete :D :D . Its quite a challenge to build something that might survive. There are a few teams all around the world, each with different solutions.

Many thanks Barry[/url]

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Post by jharvey » Wed Jul 29, 2009 1:00 am

Looks like an interesting project, and lots of fun for sure. I don't have a lot of advice about mosfets for your project. I'm not familiar with the servo you mentioned. I can recommend the PIP3104 a general purpose power fet. Does not need a shunt device, and allows more accurate control than traditional power fet controllers that use shunt mechanisms. Good for fairly low frequencies, and a handful of amps.

I might also encourage PSoC's for small embedded projects, where you need an 8 bit processor. They are nice because they have on-board AN stuff that you can't find in other chips. AVR's are great when you need low power consumption, and ARMS are great when you need the power of 32 bits. I've become less of a fan of the PIC's lately. They originally were room temp devices, that eventually became rugged enough to work in harsh environments. My experience with PIC's is that they aren't as rugged when run at their environmental boundary limits.

Good luck.

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