BESC as openservo

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BESC as openservo

Post by marto » Thu Mar 31, 2011 1:21 am

Hi guys. Not sure if anyone is interested but I was wondering if anyone has considered reprogramming BESCs for use as an openservo controller. Main advantage is price its not as suitable as a specially designed controller but you can get a board from HK with H-bridge, temp sensor, regulator and everything ready to go for ~$6.

I can't post the link here as its my first post but go search hobbyking and search H-KING 10A. And you will come up with a controller for $6 which would be suitable. This one uses the SiLabs F330 micro which is a bit different to AVRs but if you want an atmega 8 controller you can use the TZ12A for a few dollars more.

Willing to help out if anyone is interested. However I don't really know how much it costs to make an openservo board atm.


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