OpenServo Software

The OpenServo software is documented below.

Getting OpenServo Software

git Repository

To access the OpenServo git repository your system must have a git client software installed, or alternatively a zip download.

The OpenServo software is accessible via anonymous git using the following commands:

(Linux) Open a terminal and type

git clone

(windows) Grab something like this and then run the command above

Hourly Snapshot

A live snapshot can be downloaded at the github page

On-line Browsing

Software License

OpenServo core Software is released under the MIT License. Other software may be released under a different license. Always check in the individual package.

Working with OpenServo Software

Other Resources

AVR Freaks is a terrific resource for learning to develop hardware and software for Atmel AVR microcontrollers such as the AVR ATmega168 used in the OpenServo. The site may have a funky name and look a little hokey on the outside, but it's a goldmine inside. is resource for those new to AVR microcontrollers. You'll find general information about the AVR instruction set and architecture as well as code examples and circuits.

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