OpenServo Step by Step.

[This document is a work in progress!]

First learn why you need an OpenServo


Build an OpenServo board

Start here if you want to build your own OpenServo PCB. This is not recommended for the beginner, instead purchase an OpenServo


Bootstrapping the OpenServo

Bootstrapping is the action of flashing the AVR on the OpenServo board with it's initial bootloader firmware.


Download the OpenServo Application

The application is the second part of the OpenServo firmware. The application code is downloaded to the OpenServo using the TWI (I2C) interface.


Install the OpenServo

Detailed are the instructions for installing an OpenServo inside of a standard servo.


Control your OpenServo

Provided are details on controlling your OpenServo.

Configure your OpenServo

Provided are details on configuring your OpenServo.

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