OpenServo Utilities

Here is a collection of tools and utils to control an OpenServo

Bezier Curve Following

This application allows you to generate bezier curve values for the OpenServo motion profile functions.


Time is represented on the X axis, and the servo position is the Y axis. You can control each curve section using the yellow control points, and the tangents using the blue control points.

The Servo max and Min boxes allow you to clip the servo output to the servo maximums without having to clip these values yourself.

There is a simulation control centre to allow you to simulate the desired servo motion. The status bar at the bottom allows you to monitor the servo parameters during the simulation.

To get the OpenServo to move in accord with your designed curves, you need to look at the values in the list boxes. The list on the left shows the human readable vales for the calculated output, and the box on the right shows the OpenServo hex values for the calculated curve parameters. Copy these down, and send to the OpenServo using your desired control scheme using the documentation shown in this forum thread Alternatively press the Send button if you have an Open Source InterFace (OSIF) Usb to I2C Converter.

If used along with the OSIF, you will see live servo feedback of position and current.

Download the attached application in win32 zip format. Tested on Windows XP only. No warranty etc.

The application is written in QT on Linux KDevelop and is platform independent. Source available in OpenServo CVS.

You can send curves directly to the OpenServo from within the application. This application is compatible with the USB to I2C interface (the OSIF) detailed on the HeadFUZZ site

Here is a video showing the OpenServo and USB interface in use to play out a few curve segments. MotionProfileVideo.avi

Contributed and copyright Barry Carter.

Version history Version 0.6

Various bug fixes and layout elements.

Fixes large flaw where last keypoint was not sent.


Older Releases

Version 0.5

initial implementation


See MotionProfile for more technical information about how OpenServo accepts curve parameters and exactly what it does with them.


This simple control application allows you to tune your OpenServo as well as test all operating parameters of the servo.


With this program you can control the PID servo Max and Min positions, as well as send positions. You can also flash your OpenServo with the latest application firmware with the inbuilt flash features.

Download the application and full instructions from the HeadFUZZ site

Contributed and copyright Barry Carter.

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