Board for HS-5646WP ?

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Board for HS-5646WP ?

Post by Knaldgas » Fri May 10, 2013 10:27 am


I would like to modify a bunch of HiTec HS-5646WP servos with an OpenServo board.

For this project I would like:
1) A design that "just works".
2) I2C interface.
3) Current or Power feedback.
4) Position feedback.
5) No electrolyte capacitors.
6) Max measures 16.5mm x 16.2mm

Which version would fit this list best?
I'm willing to redesign the PCB if necessary, even though I would prefer an already complete design :-)

Are there any issues with integrating into such a servo that I should be aware of? Position-pot values, or...?


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Post by jameteerana » Thu Feb 05, 2015 8:50 am

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Post by MiyaMushino » Fri Mar 13, 2015 3:44 am

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